Sinhala and Tamil New Year

About Sinhala and Tamil New Year

In accordance with the Astrology, Sri Lankans used to celebrate Sinhala and Tamil New Year annually. As explained in the Astrology, it is believed that the sun moves from the house of Pisces to the house of Aries in the Celestial and the dawn of New Year occurs during this transitional period. Usually, the New Year is celebrated on 13th and 14th April of every year.  This month is considered as a prosperous period, since people live leisurely after harvesting.

After dawn of the New Year, the first task of the year is lighting the hearth according to the auspicious time and boiling milk. Subsequently, people used to prepare milk rice from the harvest obtained from their paddy fields. The New Year table which comprises a number of traditional sweet items is a major decorative part of the New Year festival. The approach of the each auspicious time for various rituals is heralded by the unmistakable sign of very loud firecrackers. Food items are consumed by the family members at the auspicious time.  The bread winner or father of the family feeds his wife and children. Once the consumption by family members is over, spouses mutually exchange money using betel leaves and share their foods with neighbors and relations.

After the New Year rituals, the villagers get together and play different types of traditional games which are used to play only in the New Year Season and it has become the most enjoyable part of this festival. And the winners are offered by gifts.

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Sinhala and Tamil New Year