Dolphin Watching

Leave after an early breakfast for our base for Dolphin watching which is located off the west coast of the island approximately 50 km north of Negombo. This stretch of beach is largely undeveloped. The beach remains pristine except for a few small fishing villages. The villages in this area are very unique with small tent like homes built completely (walls and roof) of woven palm leaves. Each tiny home is divided by neat fences also made of palm leaves. The ashy grey of the dried palm leaves, the surplus of stray goats and the presence of donkeys makes this area different to any other in Sri Lanka!

Arrive at the base by 0730hrs and be met by your local Dolphin Specialist who will guide you on board our dolphin watching vessels. We use 19 foot boats powered by outboard engines. The boats have a seating capacity of 06 – 08 persons depending on sea conditions. Take a 02 – 03 hour boat excursion to see Spinner Dolphins. If you are lucky you may have a school of over 200 dolphins spinning and jumping out of the water to give you an official welcome to Sri Lanka! Several species of whales too have bees spotted in the area, though sightings are rare. A Killer Whale was spotted and photographed by a local tourist in February 2008, creating much excitement here in Sri Lanka. However, we still do not have scientific confirmation that this was in fact a Killer Whale.

There is almost no wind during the months of November through April and the surface of the sea is often like a sheet of glass allowing an amazing depth of vision. It’s possible to peep over the side of the boat and see several layers of dolphins in the clear green depths…!

Return to shore and relax and enjoy the beach before heading inland to the central cultural area. The driving time to Habarana is approximately 03 ½ hours.

(Monsoon conditions only allow this excursion between the months of November and April)

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Dolphin Watching